A Journal of Transition to a Raw Food Lifestyle

Friday, December 24, 2010

Quit Stressing Stacy!!!!!!!!!!

Well...Day 5 was kind of tough for me.  I was very irritated and aggravated all day.  I’ve read that this is common...going through emotional ups and downs while detoxing your body from all the toxins that have been stored in it from eating processed foods.  I think that I’m really worried about going home and dealing with the stress of every day life and continuing to eat like this.  I told you that I’ve been in Tennessee.  Well, last night we drove half way home, and had to stop somewhere to eat.  The whole process of trying to pick a good restaurant that would be good but have a salad bar or good salads had me about to throw my beloved iPhone out of the window.  We ended up at Ruby Tuesday’s because they have a salad bar.  And I did add some salsa, which I’m sure came out of a jar, to my salad.  Only two tablespoons, and it actually tasted so salty and “fake” that I wished I had left it off.  I don’t feel guilty about it...but I realize that I need to plan better.  I keep thinking if I can just get home to my VitaMix, everything will be better.
Then we stopped at a BEAUTIFUL bed and breakfast called Century House in Meridian Mississippi.  On a side note, if you’re ever passing through this way, you should stop here.  It is beautiful and the owners are fabulous!  Anyway, I immediately started worrying about the breakfast when I got here.  The owner told me she was making stuffed french toast (my favorite), grits, eggs, and sausage for breakfast.  I told her about my diet, and she immediately starting trying to figure out how to accommodate me.  I told her I had my own fruit, it was no big deal.
This is really about today, day 6, but when I got up this morning I just decided that I wasn’t even going to go down to breakfast.  My daughter was really sad, but I tried to explain it to her.  Anyway, after a little while I decided to go down anyway.  The owner, Mamie, had gone out of her way to fix me a small yogurt parfait.  So, I ate it.  She was really worried about me having something to eat.  I don’t feel guilty about that either.  Now I have two Christmas dinners to face, but I think I’ll be okay there, and if not....well, it is Christmas.
I’ve been wondering whether or not this 100% raw thing is feasible for me.  I think I need to think in more flexible terms.  Being unbending is what has sabotaged me in the past.  Do people who eat 100% raw NEVER eat anything cooked?  And if you eat something cooked are you still 100% raw if you eat raw most days?  Like if I eat some broiled fish once or twice a week, but eat 100% raw the rest of the week, can I still consider myself raw?  I think these are personal decisions that I have to make.  I don’t think there’s any set rules.  I realize that this is an evolution, and I have to figure it out as I go along.  My goal for today is to quit stressing and enjoy Christmas...no matter what I end up eating.
Merry Christmas!

P.S.  I just realized that I didn't even miss the french toast, etc when I was eating the parfait...it was about the atmosphere and conversation much more than the food.  A great lesson to learn today.     

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