A Journal of Transition to a Raw Food Lifestyle

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Raw Food Day 1

Put up the High 5!  I finished Day 1 of eating raw food.  (Actually I will probably eat a little more tonight, but I know it will be raw.)
This is what I learned:
  1.  It takes a TON of raw fruits and veggies to equal enough calories to keep from being hungry.  I didn’t eat enough today.  I know this, and I really did try to eat enough, but it just didn’t happen.  (Hello Apple!  Get in my Belly!)
  2. Going raw-convenience-food shopping at a real store, even one as health friendly as Whole Foods, is overwhelming and should be avoided at all costs.
  3. Life without coffee is sad, as I thought it would be.
  4. Freeze dried veggies are pretty tasty.
  5. Salsa STILL makes everything better.
  6. Lettuce isn’t necessary in a salad if you have tons of other stuff in it.
  7. When you are on vacation (visiting my step-son in Tennessee), it seems unnatural to avoid restaurants.  Your (or at least my) eyes are just naturally drawn to intriguing places to eat.
So, raw foods and veggies are really low calorie.  When I was researching this diet I read about people who ate like 5 apples, two oranges, and 3 bananas for breakfast.  Now I know why.  One of the goals of eating raw food is to get the food you eat digested as quickly as possible.  I was really kind of blown away by this concept because years of dieting taught me to eat things with fiber or protein that would “stick to your ribs”, take longer to digest, and keep you full for longer.  When you think about it, it makes sense that you really don’t need food hanging around in our bodies indefinitely.  
I feel like a commanding officer.  Move in Apples!  Get in, do your job, and get out before you set up camp on my thighs!  Veggies!  Man the border!  Protect my body from disease and fluff! My former army (chocolate, steak, french fries) was not very obedient.  They moved in for the long haul and went to bed with the enemy.  I think my raw army will be a force to be reckoned with.  Beware fat, diseased, and unhealthy cells!  We are moving in.  Evacuate or be eliminated by force!
Besides not eating enough, today went pretty well.  I ate a big bowl of fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and an even bigger bowl of various veggies topped with salsa for dinner.  In between these meals I grazed on various fruits, veggies, and nuts.  It seemed like I was constantly eating.  I immediately recognized how having a high powered blender/juicer would make this easier and more diverse.  All the veggies that I don’t like would be disguised nicely in a smoothie with some fruit.  Plus, my jaw is literally tired from all the chewing.  Can you believe it?  Can’t wait to get home to my blender.
I do have a slight headache tonight, but I’m sure it’s from the caffeine withdrawal.  Nothing I can’t handle.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my trip to Whole Foods and how it sent me running straight to the computer to order food from the internet.
The saddest part of my day was driving by Starbucks without stopping.  Goodbye Venti Nonfat Peppermint Mocha.  I will miss you.

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