A Journal of Transition to a Raw Food Lifestyle

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Raw Food Day 2

So, after my phone call yesterday morning (see last blog post), I had a pretty positive outlook on this lifestyle change I’m trying to make.  For breakfast I had 2 cups of grapes, an orange, a banana, 1 cup of strawberries, and two kiwis.  Once again I wished I had my juicer because it took me about 30 minutes longer to finish eating all of this after my family finished their sausage, eggs, and biscuits.  Today I’m going to do some research on exactly how much I should be eating.  On Day 1 I ate about half as much as day 2, but I was hungry like an hour later.  On Day 2 I made myself eat more calories and twice as much food, but I was still hungry like an hour later.  I guess because regardless of the quantity, the food still digests quickly?  Maybe I need to eat a bunch of little meals instead?  I think if I was juicing and could add in greens and their fiber would make a big difference.  I’ll figure it out today. 
Throughout the day I found myself wondering if I would ever eat cooked food again...these were just random thoughts running through my head.  “Hmmmmmmm...this food smells delicious.  I wonder if I will ever eat that again.”  This is direct evidence of how THIS journey is different from other attempted diets.  I don’t think I’ve ever tried a true lifestyle change before, but in those old diets I just swore off whatever was banned.  I thought I’d eat low carb or low calorie or low fat for the rest of my life (which turned out to be a maximum of 4 months).  This time I am not putting limits on myself.  I am going to do what I can for as long as I can, and if there comes a time when I need to make changes I will adapt.  I am curious to see what will happen with me because I really don’t know.  I do wonder if I’ll ever have coffee again, or milk, or oreos...but I don’t want them now.  It’s kind of nostalgic to think about though since these foods have been such a big part of my life (and my waist) for 33 years.
Two days down and I’m feeling good!  At lunch yesterday eating my salad topped with yummy salsa, I thought to myself, “I can really do this.”  I really think I can.  Goal for today:  Drink 1 gallon of water.  I’ve read that we are supposed to divide our weight in half and drink that many ounces of water per day.  For me that’s not quite a gallon, but I’m aiming for the over achiever award today.  Join me in this quest for a hydrated body.  Bottoms up!

P.S.  I realized that my posts or two long, but I just have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to say.  So, I'm going to make them smaller and more frequent.  Let me know what you think! 

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  1. Hey Stacy,
    I found your blog through your post on Raw Food Rehab on Facebook. I am returning to full raw (95-100%) after a five year absence. I am ten days back at this point. I am located in Boulder, CO so I have a bit of an advantage.
    There are several options in grocery stores Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage (local health food and supplements), and Sunflower Market (Great prices on conventional and organic produce).

    I wanted to introduce myself and to give you a bit of a warning. If you have not already discovered, at some point you will experience withdrawal symptoms. It felt like the flu. When this happened to me at about the three month mark I fell off the wagon. Unlike you I didn't reach out to the raw foods community when I began my journey so no one was around to provide me with the crucial knowledge that I needed.
    A recently developed intolerance for gluten has motivated me to attempt another return to raw. I look forward to reading about your journey as I progress through mine. Good luck and best wishes.