A Journal of Transition to a Raw Food Lifestyle

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stacy’s Raw Diet will resume tomorrow at it’s regularly scheduled time...

Okay, so today and yesterday were not raw days for me.  What was I thinking to do this at Christmas time when I was traveling and didn’t have time to prepare my own food?  But it’s okay because I have learned from this experience.
Christmas Eve we went to my mom’s mouse.  I had a huge salad and decided to eat a small bowl of chicken and sausage gumbo (but I didn’t have any sausage).  It was literally like a cup of gumbo.  And it was soooooooooooo good. I LOVE gumbo.  Within 10 minutes I was sick in the bathroom and ended up missing half of present opening time.  I also started getting tired and feeling like I was going to fall asleep on my drive home.  This hasn’t happened since I started eating raw.  I don’t regret eating the gumbo at all.  But I couldn’t believe how my body reacted.  Especially since I had a huge salad.  I mean I think probably 75-80% of my food was raw.  There is DEFINITELY a difference in how my body feels between eating raw and eating even just a little cooked food.
Fast forward to today (Christmas Day).  I finally was able to use my VitaMix and had a really nice green smoothie for breakfast.  I managed to avoid eating anything at my mother in law’s house for Christmas Dinner.  It was hard.  I kept thinking about how much easier this would have been if I would have had time to prepare my own food.  When I got home Christmas Eve, there wasn’t even anywhere that I could go to buy a salad or fruit.  I completely didn’t think about that or I would have brought some stuff home with me.  Anyway, I told myself that I would make myself a small plate of food to bring home and if I still wanted it later, then I could eat it.  
Then I started thinking about all of my food issues and about it being Christmas and most of this food being things that I only eat once a year.  All of my previous diets have been ones of deprivation.  Strict rules about what I can’t eat.  I don’t want this to be that way.  If I want to have a few bites of cornbread dressing, then I want to be able to eat it without guilt.  Denying myself of the things that I want is what has led me to fail in the past, and I want this to be a long term life style change for myself.  I am also really re-thinking this 100% raw thing.  Maybe I should do 90% or something like that where I eat a small amount of cooked food every day so that if I DO splurge on something one day, it won’t make me sick.  Most people are NOT 100% raw.  I need to do some more research on this but I’m leaning towards 80-90%.  I am starting the Resolve to Evolve program through Raw Food Rehab on January 1, and I think that will give me more direction.
I know for sure that I will wake up in the morning and be back on track.  I know for sure that this is really the lifestyle that I want for myself.  I know for sure that I am evolving and food is not holding so much guilt and emotional baggage for me.  I know for sure that my plate of food from Christmas Dinner was yummy, and I’m glad that I ate it.  I’ll see you tomorrow, for Day 6 take 3.

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  1. awesome. its a lot easier to stick to a diet if you don't beat yourself up over what you eat. that's why i got the treadmill. i go over my allowed calories, i just work them off at night...theoretically...little bastards won't leave. :)